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Experience the BENEFITS of Nature's Superfood

Moringa Oleifera is packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants that can help support a healthy lifestyle for Baby Boomers. With its anti-inflammatory properties, Moringa Oleifera may help support joints, boost energy levels, and improve an overall feeling of wellness. Say goodbye to the days of feeling sluggish and embrace the power of this ancient herb.

Sooner or later we all begin to feel our age dragging down on us, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

In many instances age-related lethargy can be attributed to poor nutrition. Proper nutrition and exercise are extremely important partners in keeping us healthy as we age. Unfortunately exercise is often struck from our list of available options, because of improper overall nutrition that make us too listless to get up and keep moving. If your lethargic age-related lifestyle is due to improper nutrition then it is easy to rejuvenate yourself and inject a great deal of healthy nutrients into your daily routine by adding a healthy dose of Moringa.

Try Moringa Oleifera today and experience a healthier, happier you!

What's Inside SmartMix - Moringa oleifera, chicory root extract, and fo-ti root extract
isagenix smartmix - moringa-based prebiotic powder
isagenix supermix - premium moringa superfood powder
isagenix xm+ is a moringa-based energy boost powder
isagenix premium tea is a soothing caffeine-free herbal tea for digestive regularity
Isagenix SmartMix - Prebiotic Superfood

By adding the contents of Zija’s easy-to-open SmartMix packet to water each morning and consuming at least 15 minutes before a healthy meal you will receive a health-filled dose of Moringa nutrition and prebiotic benefits. Zija SmartMix is enhanced with a proprietary blend of organically grown, harvested, and dried Moringa Oleifera, which is referred to as the “Miracle Tree”, because it is packed with over 90 verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other natural benefits.

Moringa is known to promote healthy circulation, support normal blood glucose levels, nourish the immune system, and provide anti-inflammatory support all while enhancing mental clarity and giving you anti-aging benefits.

Not only does Zija SmartMix fill you up with the nutritional goodness of Moringa it brings the power of Chicory Root Extract, and FoTi Root Extract too. Chicory Root contains a prebiotic to stimulate healthy digestive function, it provides a feeling of fullness without adding calories, and similar to Moringa it helps to regulate blood glucose levels. FoTi Root is added to remove toxins from the body, and to increase your mood and vitality.

By drinking one SmartMix every day you can help your body strengthen your immune system, digest foods efficiently, increase nutrient absorption, maintain a healthy weight, and increase energy levels.

It’s easy to Live Life Unlimited with Zija SmartMix, because you deserve to feel rejuvenated!



Contains Moringa oleifera for nutrition, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory action. 

Chicory and FoTi Root extracts to enhance digestion through prebiotics that feed a flourishingly healthy gut biome. Studies have shown that a healthy gut is imperative to leading a happier, holistic life. With a happy biome the brain works better, the immune system is optimal, and overall body issues are normalized.

Core Moringa SmartMix provides organic nutrients for adults and children, especially after illness and taking antibiotics that can kill healthy gut bacteria.

Suitable for both children and adults.

isagenix smartmix - moringa-based prebiotic powder